June 23, 2024

Interconnection Process Working Group (IPWG)

National Grid Renewables
MISO: New Interconnection Queue Cycle to Wait on MW Cap Filing
MISO said new queue entries must wait while it takes another swing at imposing an annual megawatt cap on its interconnection queue.
The Boldt Co.
MISO to Assess Extending Queue’s COD Grace Period
In light of stressed-out supply chains and a bogged-down study process, MISO has agreed to re-evaluate its rules around commercial operation dates in its interconnection queue.
WEC Energy Group
MISO IC Queue Tops 150 GW; Solar Maintains Lead
MISO's interconnection queue currently stands at a record-breaking 153 GW after the RTO processed 2021 applicants. 
MISO Eyes Sleeker Interconnection Queue
Fresh off approval for one change to its interconnection process, MISO is looking for ways to advance generation projects more quickly through its queue.
MISO Gauging Aftershocks of TO Self-fund Order
MISO is assessing the impact of FERC’s recent order reinstating transmission owners’ rights to self-fund network upgrades as renewable proponents worry.
MISO to Address Affected-system FERC Order
MISO is revising how it handles generator interconnections along its seams with neighboring balancing areas in a bid to satisfy recent FERC mandates.
MISO Puts Fast-track Option on Hold
MISO won't create a special lane in its interconnection queue to accelerate projects that demonstrate readiness for development.
MISO Promises Refile on Stricter Queue Requirements
MISO plans to refile a revised version of a plan to speed up its current 500-day interconnection queue process after FERC rejected its first attempt.

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