December 3, 2023

interface pricing

SPP Seams Steering Committee: Sept. 17, 2020
SPP and MISO staff shared with the SPP Seams Steering Committee additional details on the yearlong transmission study the RTOs will soon pursue.
MISO, SPP Respond to Monitors’ Seams Studies
MISO’s and SPP’s state regulators gave the RTOs’ staffs an opportunity to respond to their monitors’ suggestions for improving interregional coordination.
MISO, SPP Regulators Ponder Monitors’ Recommendations
MISO’s and SPP’s market monitors presented their last report to state regulators working to improve the RTOs’ interregional coordination.
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PJM, MISO Go Quiet on Pseudo-Ties; Reach Interface Pricing Accord
MISO and PJM have agreed not to publicly talk about the issue of pseudo-tie congestion double-counting until a FERC complaint on the issue is resolved.
MISO/PJM Joint and Common Market Meeting Briefs
MISO and PJM discussed their upcoming pseudo-tie transfers and the first exchanges of firm flow entitlements between the RTOs.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
The MISO Market Subcommittee on Feb. 2, 2016, discussed Tariff revisions to extend the day-ahead market, interface pricing and EEE flags.
MISO Monitor Debates Capacity Rules with Board
MISO Market Monitor David Patton called for tighter rules on wayward generators, more precise real-time pricing and a fix for Financial Transmission Rights funding shortfalls.
Impatient FERC Hints at Action on PJM-MISO Seams Disputes
FERC increased its pressure on PJM and MISO to resolve their longstanding boundary disputes, saying it was considering taking action “to improve the efficiency of operations” at the RTOs’ seam.
Monitor Gives Lukewarm Review to PJM ‘Sham Scheduling’ Fix
PJM’s plan to change the definition of the IMO interface with the Ontario IESO received a lukewarm review from Monitor Joe Bowring, who said it would not correct what he has called “sham scheduling.”
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Patton Asks FERC to Set Deadline on PJM-MISO Interface Pricing Dispute
MISO’s Market Monitor urged FERC last week to resolve a standoff between MISO and PJM over interface pricing that he said is costing consumers millions.

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