April 16, 2024

international transmission

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Infrastructure and Coordination Hot Topics at NECBC Conference

Serge Abergel of Hydro-Québec touted the potential benefits of using hydropower to balance out wind power and reduce curtailment instead of simply using hydropower as base load.

New England – Maritimes Offshore Energy Corridor (NEMOEC)
Coalition Promotes US-Canadian Offshore Transmission Link
An industry coalition is promoting the concept of underwater transmission linking New England and Nova Scotia via wind farms off their respective coasts.
National Grid
National Grid Proposes Quebec-New England Transmission
National Grid proposed a 1.2-GW transmission project to carry power from Quebec hydroelectric plants to southern New England through Vermont and New Hampshire.
NREL: International Tx Critical for Emission Reductions, Resource Adequacy
The U.S. and Canada signed an MOU on grid expansion collaboration and released a report promoting a massive buildout of transmission across North America.

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