May 22, 2024

Interregional Planning Stakeholder Advisory Committee (IPSAC)

Indiana Michigan Power
MISO, PJM Stakeholders Call for Interregional Transmission Overhaul
MISO and PJM are deliberating whether to embark on an interregional transmission study this year as they field more calls from stakeholders to revamp their joint planning framework.
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MISO, SPP to Conduct Interregional Study in 2024
MISO and SPP agreed to conduct another coordinated system plan study along their seam this year, although five previous studies have failed to produce a single interregional joint project.
Enviros, Consumer Advocates Join Regulators Urging PJM-MISO Interregional Planning
A bevy of consumer, clean energy and environmental advocates have joined state regulators in appealing to MISO and PJM to undertake more comprehensive interregional transmission planning.
ISO/RTO Council
MISO, PJM Staffs Endorse 1 TMEP Joint Project
MISO and PJM will opt for one small interregional project this year through their Targeted Market Efficiency Project study.
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MISO, SPP Unable to Find Smaller Joint Tx Projects
MISO and SPP announced that they will not pursue any small interregional projects next year from their first Targeted Market Efficiency Project study.
MISO, SPP Fall Short in 5th Try for Interregional Projects
MISO and SPP have again come up empty in their fifth effort to find interregional projects to solve congestion along their seams.
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Search for Small SPP-MISO Interregional Projects May be Fruitless
MISO and SPP prepared stakeholders last week for the possibility they may come up empty-handed in their hunt for smaller interregional transmission upgrades.
Allgeier Martin
MISO, SPP Hunt for Small Interregional Tx Projects
MISO and SPP this week said they have tentatively settled on criteria and will begin developing a first set of smaller interregional transmission projects.
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MISO, PJM Consider Four Small Interregional Projects
MISO and PJM have four interregional transmission project candidates under consideration this year for their Targeted Market Efficiency Project category.
MISO-SPP Joint Study to Focus on M2M Congestion
MISO and SPP say this year’s coordinated system plan study will focus on “solutions to historical, persistent congestion issues” on the RTOs’ seam.

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