June 23, 2024

interregional transfers

Northern Indiana Public Service Co.
MISO, PJM Agree to Perform New Type of Joint Transmission Study
MISO and PJM announced they will embark on a new joint transmission study in the latter half of this year that concentrates on upping their interregional transfer capability.
DMM: CAISO Transfer Limitations During Q3 Heat Waves Led to Price Disparities
CAISO's Department of Market Monitoring found that limits on WEIM imports last year led to increased transmission congestion in the ISO's markets.
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NERC Confident in Ability to Deliver ITCS On Time
Work is underway on the Interregional Transfer Capability Study that Congress assigned to NERC earlier this year.
Niskanen Center
FERC Considers Interregional Transfer Requirements
In a workshop, FERC commissioners and stakeholders debated the pros and cons of requiring minimum transfer capability between regions to promote reliability.

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