May 23, 2024

inverse condemnation

Judge Denies PG&E Bid to Avoid Wildfire Liability
The federal judge in charge of PG&E’s bankruptcy rejected the utility’s argument that it isn’t subject to CA’s legal doctrine of inverse condemnation.
PG&E Seeks to Escape Inverse Condemnation
PG&E’s attorneys argued in federal bankruptcy court that inverse condemnation applies only to public entities and that the utility is not a public entity.
Calif. Wildfire Panel Urges End to Strict Liability
California's Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery recommended overturning the state’s liability standard for utility-sparked fires.
Camp Fire Prompts Talk of PG&E Bailout or Breakup
California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire has set off a new round of turmoil for Pacific Gas and Electric.
PG&E Outlines Fire Strategy in Q3 Earnings Call
PG&E described its wildfire prevention efforts in a third-quarter earnings call, in which it also reported net income of $564 million ($1.09/share).
National Weather Service
PG&E Shuts down Power to Prevent Fires
Pacific Gas and Electric pre-emptively shut down power to thousands of its customers amid high winds to reduce the risk of wildfires.
U.S. Air Force
UPDATED: Does California Need a Catastrophic Fire Fund?
California SB 901 may not be an adequate solution to the bigger wildfires that appear to be the state’s new normal, some skeptics contend.
California Utilities Lose Bid to Reduce Wildfire Liability
An unpopular proposal by California Gov. Jerry Brown to limit the liability of utilities for wildfire damage has been tabled for now.

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