June 24, 2024

ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee

ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: May 15, 2024

National Grid introduced a pair of asset condition projects estimated to cost about $538 million to the ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee.

ISO-NE Analysis Shows Benefits of Shifting OSW Interconnection Points
Relocating two offshore wind points of interconnection from Maine to Massachusetts could reduce New England’s transmission upgrade cost requirements, ISO-NE said.
ISO-NE to Study Offshore Wind Points of Interconnection
ISO-NE is planning to study the effects of shifting two offshore wind points of interconnection from Maine to Massachusetts and conduct a preliminary analysis of offshore wind interconnection points across the region.
ISO-NE PAC Briefs: Dec. 20, 2023
Increased electrification and reliance on solar and wind will make electricity supply and demand more weather-dependent, resulting in more variable winter peak loads.
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New England Transmission Owners Issue Draft Asset Condition Forecast Database
The New England Transmission Owners released a draft asset condition forecast database for the ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee and outlined updates to the asset condition project stakeholder review process.
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ISO-NE Projects Decrease in Gas, Increase in Coal and Oil for 2032
ISO-NE expects system emissions to fall by nearly half by 2032 as gas generation declines, but projects coal and oil generation to increase to cover winter peak loads.
ISO-NE Outlines Economic Challenges of Decarbonization
ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee that decarbonization may require increased dispatchable generation, storage and capacity.

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