June 17, 2024

ISO New England (ISO-NE)

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FERC Issues Show Cause Order on TO Self-funding in 4 RTOs

The proceedings will look into the practice by MISO, PJM, SPP and ISO-NE of allowing transmission owners to self-fund network upgrades needed to bring generation online, saying the practice may amount to favoring TOs over interconnection customers.

NE Generators Propose Financial Assurance Changes
NEPGA and CPV offered amendments to ISO-NE’s proposed changes to the financial assurance provisions for the Forward Capacity Market.
EDP Renewables
Clean Energy Groups Respond to ISO-NE Order 2023 Filing
ISO-NE’s Order 2023 compliance filing received mixed responses in comments from a range of clean energy stakeholders, drawing support from several large trade associations along with protests from multiple companies.
Chicago Law Prof Takes ISO-NE to Task at Consumer Liaison Group
Governance structures and market rules at ISO-NE that favor incumbent interests have contributed to pushing the region into costly and carbon-intensive reliability solutions, law professor Joshua Macey told the Consumer Liaison Group.
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Stakeholders Support ISO-NE Long-term Tx Planning Filing, with Caveats
Stakeholder groups submitted comments to FERC last week in support of ISO-NE’s proposal to create a new longer-term transmission planning process to facilitate more forward-looking transmission investments to meet looming needs.
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ISO-NE Expects to Have Sufficient Resources for the Summer
ISO-NE expects to have adequate resources to meet its projected 24,553-MW peak load this summer, the RTO announced as part of its summer outlook.
Clean Energy States Alliance
Panel Provides Update on Energy Storage in Mass.
Battery storage remains largely reliant on state programs and subsidies to be viable in Massachusetts but could increasingly stand on its own as renewable energy proliferates, a panel of energy storage experts said.
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Overheard at the 76th Annual NECPUC Symposium
Angst over looming load growth, cost increases and reliability headaches headlined the 76th annual New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners Symposium.
FERC Responds to Mystic Agreement Rehearing Request
FERC denied a rehearing request and partly adopted a clarification request by Constellation Energy related to a challenge to the fixed costs associated with the Mystic cost-of-service agreement.
FERC Directs ISO-NE to Submit Another Order 2222 Compliance Filing
FERC directed ISO-NE to submit an additional filing to specify its metering and telemetry practices for distributed energy resource aggregations.

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