June 20, 2024

ITC Midwest

ATC and ITC Midwest
Cardinal-Hickory Creek Developers Appeal Injunction on Line’s Final Mile
Two of the developers behind the embattled Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line have appealed to lift an injunction on the last mile of the project that will intersect a wildlife refuge in Wisconsin and Iowa.
Judge Pauses Final Mile of Controversial Cardinal-Hickory Creek through Wildlife Refuge
In what’s beginning to feel like déjà vu, Cardinal Hickory Creek’s last unconstructed mile is again subject to a preliminary injunction.
ATC and ITC Midwest
Conservation Groups File Another Lawsuit to Stop Cardinal-Hickory Creek’s Last Mile
Three conservation groups filed a lawsuit against federal agencies for consenting to permits and a land exchange to allow the Cardinal-Hickory Creek 345-kV line to carve a path through a wildlife refuge in Wisconsin.
Iowa ROFR Law Overturned, Throwing Multiple MISO LRTP Projects into Uncertainty
An Iowa court has formally struck down the state’s right of first refusal law, driving uncertainty for $2.6 billion worth of MISO's long-range transmission projects.
ITC Holdings
FERC Affirms ITC Midwest’s Capital Structure Rehearing
FERC has decided for a second time to leave ITC Midwest’s 16-year-old capital structure untouched over protests it results in unaffordable customer rates.
ITC Holdings Corp.
FERC Rejects Iowa Coalition’s Complaint over ITC Structure
ITC Midwest can keep the capital structure it has had in place since 2007, FERC decided, blocking a complaint led by Alliant Energy.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Wisconsin Court Undercuts Lawsuit in Cardinal-Hickory Creek Dispute
Wisconsin's high court ruled that a regulator’s messages to developers didn't pose a serious risk of bias in the Cardinal-Hickory Creek permitting process.
ITC Holdings
Alliant Energy Leads Challenge of ITC Midwest Capital Structure
A coalition of utilities, industrial customers and consumer advocates spearheaded by Alliant Energy is contesting ITC Midwest’s capital structure.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Enviro Groups Push Wisconsin DNR to Scrutinize Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line
Conservation groups have asked Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources to revoke permits for the embattled Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Federal Judge: Tx Line Can’t Cross Wildlife Refuge
A federal judge has blocked construction of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line in a protected southwestern Wisconsin area.

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