May 20, 2024

James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant

FERC Denies Rehearing on NY Nuke Market Rates
FERC denied a challenge to its order granting market-based rate authority to Exelon’s FitzPatrick nuclear plant and approved the sale of Empire Generating.
FERC Denies Rehearing on FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Sale
FERC denied Public Citizen’s request for rehearing on Entergy’s sale of the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant in New York to Exelon.
FERC Approves FitzPatrick Sale to Exelon
FERC approved the Exelon acquisition of the troubled FitzPatrick nuclear plant, rejecting a protest that its review should have included the impact of ZECs.
NY Regulators Approve FitzPatrick Sale
The New York Public Service Commission approved Entergy’s sale of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant to Exelon, needed to prevent the plant’s imminent closure.
Public Citizen Challenges NY Nuclear Subsidy, FitzPatrick Sale
Public Citizen protested Entergy’s proposed sale of the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant to Exelon, saying the companies' FERC application failed to include information about the state subsidy that makes the transaction possible.
UPDATED: New York Legislators Question Nuclear Subsidy
Five New York City-area legislators wrote to the Public Service Commission questioning the ratepayer-funded nuclear power plant subsidy.
UPDATED: FitzPatrick Sale Filed with New York Regulators
Entergy and Exelon filed a petition with New York regulators Monday seeking approval of Exelon’s purchase of the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant.
UPDATED: Entergy Sells FitzPatrick to Exelon
Entergy reiterated that it does not intend to continue operating the troubled James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant in upstate New York beyond January 2017.
Entergy in Talks to Sell FitzPatrick to Exelon
Entergy said it may sell its troubled James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant to Exelon if New York legislators approve the proposed Clean Energy Standard.
NY Senate Energy Head: Begin Nuclear Subsidy Immediately
A key New York legislator called for the immediate implementation of nuclear subsidies, a day after Exelon threatened to close Nine Mile Point Unit 1.

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