June 25, 2024

Janet McCabe

MISO, SPP Stakeholders Developing Trading Plan to Comply with EPA Carbon Rule
Stakeholders from MISO and SPP they are developing the framework for an interstate trading platform to comply with the EPA Clean Power Plan.
FERC Seeking Its Role on Carbon Rule ‘Safety Valve’
FERC said it is trying to craft the its role in administering a “safety valve” to ensure reliability is not threatened by the EPA's Clean Power Plan.
EPA on Carbon Rule: We’re Listening
Senior EPA officials promised FERC and NARUC that the final Clean Power Plan the agency issues this summer will protect reliability and not crush consumers.
EPA Delays Power Plant Carbon Rules
The EPA will delay its three proposed carbon emission rules until mid-summer, as it coordinates their release to address new, existing and modified power plants during the same time frame.
EPA: More than 1.6M Comments in Response to Clean Power Plan
Janet McCabe said last week that the EPA had met with more than 300 groups since releasing its proposed Clean Power Plan in June.
EPA: Open Mind on Greenhouse Gas Rules
A top EPA official told state regulators the agency is still in listening mode in drafting its greenhouse gas rules on existing power plants. Others expressed concerns.

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