February 24, 2024

John Hairston

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Forum Turnout, Tone Could Signal Growing Support for EDAM
The stars may not yet have aligned for CAISO in the contest to bring an organized electricity market to the West, but key industry players appeared to be doing just that at an ISO event to celebrate the progress of its Extended Day-Ahead Market.
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BANC Moving to Join CAISO’s EDAM
CAISO scored a potentially important victory when the Balancing Authority of Northern California said it will pursue membership in the ISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market — and not SPP’s Markets+.
BPA Keeps Rates Flat, Plans $2B in Grid Upgrades

The Bonneville Power Administration said it would keep its power and transmission rates flat for the next two years, even as it pursues a $2 billion grid modernization effort.

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After Banner Year, BPA Proposes Steady Rates for 2024/25
BPA proposed to hold its rates mostly flat over its next two-year rate cycle — and said it might cut rates this year — thanks to surging revenues.

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