May 23, 2024

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ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: March 27, 2024
Unable to reach a compromise with ERCOT on inverter-based resource ride-through requirements after months of negotiations, stakeholders have managed to push through a potential rule change over the grid operator’s objections.
ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: Feb. 26-27
ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas said the “interesting dynamic” of solar energy helped the Texas grid operator meet record demand during its most recent winter storm.
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Overheard at Infocast’s 2024 ERCOT Market Summit
Infocast's annual ERCOT Market Summit fell during the third anniversary of the devastating February 2021 winter storm, giving speakers plenty of fodder for discussion.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: Jan. 24, 2024
ERCOT stakeholders are moving closer to taking action on a tabled rule change that would address the reliability concerns with inverter-based resources.
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Overheard at GCPA’s Annual Fall Conference
The Gulf Coast Power Association welcome a record audience to its annual Fall Conference and discussions and vignettes on virtual power plants, energy efficiency, demand response, new technologies and grid resiliency.
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ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: Aug. 22, 2023
ERCOT stakeholders endorsed the charter and leadership for a task force that will report to the Technical Advisory Committee and provide recommendations on real-time co-optimization and energy storage resources’ state of charge.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: July 25, 2023
ERCOT stakeholders have endorsed a $329 million reliability project in the San Antonio area, sending it on the Board of Directors for final approval.
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ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: Jan. 24, 2023
ERCOT is analyzing information from generators that were forced offline during the December winter storm to better understand why thermal outages were an issue.
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ERCOT Stakeholders Wait on Bylaw Amendment Changes
ERCOT stakeholders have submitted comments to proposed bylaw changes that have been sitting with the Board of Directors since September.
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Trib Fest Panel: Let ERCOT Market Work
A Texas panel urged lawmakers and regulators to let the ERCOT market's incentives work to bring in resources that strengthen the grid's reliability.

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