June 13, 2024

just transition

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Just Transition: More than ‘Checking the Box’
At least five states passed laws requiring regulators to consider equity in decision-making in 2021. But some groups still feel invisible.
NY Predicts 200K+ New Clean Energy Jobs by 2030
New York officials report that clean energy jobs will increase by more than 200,000 this decade and by nearly 350,000 by midcentury.
CMS Energy
Consumers Energy to End Coal Use by 2025
Consumers Energy plans to shutter its five remaining coal plants by 2025 while tripling its renewable capacity and increasing use of natural gas.
Democratic Bills Put Environmental Justice Front and Center
Advocates say Congress should enact legislation that would codify Bill Clinton 1994 “environmental justice” executive order.
Biden Budget Seeks Major Spending Hikes on Climate
President Biden’s opening bid on the 2022 budget makes good on his promise to use a “whole of government” approach to address climate change.

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