May 23, 2024


California Energy Commission
CEC, Caltrans Solicit Feedback on New Program for EV Charger Repair
The California Energy Commission and Department of Transportation are seeking feedback on a state grant program designed to replace and repair more than 1,300 chargers at 300 sites statewide. 
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EPA’s Becker Breaks Down $32B of Federal Funding for Decarbonization
EPA's KC Becker presented stakeholders with new opportunities to access funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act.
Oregon Dept. of Energy
Oregon Looks to Turn up Tap on Federal Clean Energy Funding
Oregon is eligible for hundreds of millions of federal dollars for electrification, EE and grid resilience, but has received just $200,000 so far.
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Vt. Maps Fast-charger Buildout for Federal NEVI Funds
Vermont has a preliminary plan for federal EV infrastructure funding to support the installation or upgrade of 15 fast-charger stations along state highways.

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