June 24, 2024

Kansas City Power & Light

Carias, Buffington Smoothly Assume MOPC Leadership
For a historic moment for SPP, the ascension of two women to the RTO’s Markets and Operations Policy Committee leadership was fairly low-key.
SPP Tx Owners Take Zonal Placement Concerns to FERC
KCP&L is fulfilling its promise to take legal action against SPP for how the RTO allocates costs to customers after a new transmission owner joins a zone.
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MOPC Rejects Z2 Waivers; Task Force Seeks Changes
SPP stakeholders once again took up the issue of Z2 waivers at last week's MOPC, and once again, the discussion was lively.
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SPP Moves to Head off KCPL Measure on Tx Cost Shifts
Kansas City Power & Light’s proposal for addressing SPP transmission cost shifts led to a free-wheeling discussion on transmission pricing and the unintended consequences of proposed Tariff changes at the Strategic Planning Committee meeting Thursday.
FERC OKs SPP Bylaw Change; Orders $1.6M in Refunds
FERC said SPP improperly clawed back overpayments last year based on its reinterpretation of its bylaws before the rules were officially changed.
FERC Rejects Rehearing on SPP Congestion Rights
FERC rejected multiple requests for rehearing of its October 2014 order finding fault with SPP's interpretation of long-term congestion rights.
Utilities Accuse MISO of ‘Massive’ Overcharges on Entergy System
Southern Co. and three Missouri utilities told FERC that MISO has billed them more than $21 million in excessive transmission rates since Entergy joined the RTO in December 2013.
FERC Accepts Formula Rate Protocols from MISO, SPP, PJM Utilities
FERC last week accepted revised transmission formula rate protocols by four SPP and MISO utilities that had deficient protocols.

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