June 13, 2024

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

DOE Tackles Charging Challenges to Get More EVs on the Road
DOE initiatives aimed at expanding EV charging networks have become more urgent as the November election looms and growth in EV sales has slowed.
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ASE: Energy Transition Must Put Demand-side Efficiency, Flexibility First
A new Berkeley Lab report finds that a combination of aggressive demand and supply side measures could slash greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector 91% below 2005 levels by 2050.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
IRA Driving New Clean Energy as Interconnection Queue Backlogs Persist
Interconnection requests across the U.S. shot up by 30% in 2023, with close to 2,600 GW of solar, wind and storage waiting to land a spot on the grid
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley Lab Reports Narrowing Income Gap on Residential Solar
The 2023 edition of a federal rooftop solar demographic report finds the median household income of people installing solar systems has decreased but is still well above Americans as a whole.
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Reports Detail Causes, Impact of Local Opposition to Renewables

Two new reports quantify the local opposition renewable energy developers are facing with many of their U.S. projects and offer insight on how to address it.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Study Finds 11% Dip in Housing Prices Near Wind Turbines
A new Berkeley Lab study finds that sale prices temporarily decrease for property located within a mile of newly announced and newly built utility-scale wind projects.
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Salton Sea Could Supply Lithium Needs for Decades, Study Finds

The Southern California region's supply could produce enough lithium to release the U.S. from its dependence on foreign sources of the key mineral, according to a new report.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley Lab: Utility-scale Solar Heading for Record 2023
After a down year, the Berkeley Lab sees new utility-scale solar capacity increasing more than fourfold by the mid-2030s to over 50 GW per year.
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DOE Projects Strong Growth for US Wind Industry

The Department of Energy issued three reports on wind-generated electricity, projecting strong but not uniform growth for the nation’s onshore, offshore and distributed wind power sectors.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley Lab Reports 25% Increase in Hybrid Solar-Storage Plants
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reports strong developer interest in generation-storage hybrid power facilities.

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