May 21, 2024

load-modifying resource (LMR)

IMM Report Notes Rising Fuel, Congestion Costs in PJM
PJM's real-time LMPs and congestion costs both spiked in the first half of 2022, driven by increasing fuel prices and loads, the IMM reported.
MISO Monitor Prescribes 5 New Fixes in Annual Market Report
MISO is evaluating new recommendations from its Market Monitor that include transmission reconfiguration plans, reducing out-of-market commitments and more.
MISO Warns of Summer Emergencies, Load Shedding
MISO warned that even a normal amount of demand and generation outages will likely send it into emergency procedures this summer.
MISO Warns of January Emergency Procedures
A MISO emergency declaration is almost a certainty in January if harsh weather meets unforeseen generation outages.
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MISO Debuts Members’ App for Demand Response
MISO hopes to have a new demand-side management tool fully operational by July for its members to manage their load-modifying resource fleets.
MISO Clarifies LMR Performance Rules
FERC allowed MISO to edit its tariff to clear up performance rules for load-modifying resources. Its new ruleset clarifies how performance is evaluated.
DR Firm Says 2020 No Benchmark for MISO LMRs
Voltus, a DR aggregator, has asked MISO market participants not to rely on 2020 data for the 2021/22 enrollment of load-modifying resources.
DR Firm Challenges FERC, MISO on State Opt-out
Demand response aggregator Voltus filed a complaint with FERC challenging the state opt-out provision in Order 719.
FERC Accepts Trimmer MISO LMR Capacity Accreditation
FERC approved new rules likely to reduce load-modifying resources’ capacity accreditation in MISO, despite several protests from RTO members.
MISO Investigating LMR Availability Problem
MISO said it will begin hunting for solutions to mitigate the gap between LMRs that clear capacity auctions and what actually happens in emergencies.

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