April 17, 2024

load-responsible entities (LREs)

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FERC Approves SPP’s Resource Adequacy Changes
FERC has approved SPP tariff revisions of resource adequacy requirements that would provide LREs with an alternative approach to deficiency payments.
SPP Board/Members Committee Briefs: Jan. 31, 2023
SPP’s Board and Members Committee have approved two resource adequacy revision requests, ending a last-minute dash to gain stakeholder approval.
SPP MOPC Approves Late Resource Adequacy Revisions
SPP’s MOPC approved two revision requests related to resource adequacy requirements that members had set aside during its meeting earlier this month.
SPP Board of Directors Briefs: Dec. 6, 2022
SPP staff are finalizing a mitigation strategy for load-responsible entities unable to meet the grid operator’s new 15% planning reserve margin.
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SPP Board Bypasses Stakeholders on PRM Obligation Exemptions
SPP’s board gave its state regulators the go-ahead to file a tariff change allowing LREs to receive exemptions for not meeting their PRM obligation.

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