June 14, 2024

long-term congestion rights (LCTRs)

SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Oct. 10-11, 2022
SPP staff have chosen a hybrid approach to improve its transmission and congestion-hedging markets, focusing on equitably allocating congestion rights first.
SPP Strategic Planning Committee Briefs: April 15, 2020
SPP Board Chair Larry Altenbaumer asked the Strategic Planning Committee for an education session on congestion hedging following stakeholder disagreement.
FERC Again Rejects SPP Rules on ARRs, LTCRs
FERC again ordered SPP to rewrite its rules on auction revenue rights (ARRs) and long-term congestion rights (LTCRs).
SPP Strategic Planning Committee Briefs: July 13, 2017
The SPP Strategic Planning Committee directed RTO staff to move forward with a high-priority congestion study that earlier failed to gain traction.
SPP Hopes Congestion Rights Rule Change Wins FERC OK
SPP’s MOPC approved a revision request to comply with FERC guidance on the RTO’s disparate treatment of PTP and NITS during periods of redispatch.
FERC: SPP Treating P2P Customers Unfairly on Congestion Rights
FERC rejected proposed SPP Tariff revisions, saying they would unfairly favor network transmission customers over point-to-point customers in how the RTO awards congestion rights.
SPP Regional State Committee Briefs
A summary of issues discussed by the SPP Regional State Committee, including Clean Power Plan compliance, long-term congestion rights and new committee members.
SPP Briefs
A collection of issues being discussed by SPP stakeholders, including the RTO's voting procedures, the Clean Power Plan and reliability for this winter.
FERC Rejects Rehearing on SPP Congestion Rights
FERC rejected multiple requests for rehearing of its October 2014 order finding fault with SPP's interpretation of long-term congestion rights.

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