May 18, 2024

loss of load expectation (LOLE)

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ISO-NE Provides Update on Potential New Resource Adequacy Metric
ISO-NE outlined its current thinking on a potential Regional Energy Shortfall Threshold at the NEPOOL Reliability Committee.
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ERCOT Proposes ‘Multi-metric’ Approach for Reliability Standard
Three years after a deadly winter storm nearly imploded the ERCOT grid, stakeholders in the Texas market are working on a reliability standard that may be stricter than industry norms.
CAISO’s Capacity Procurement Mechanism Inefficient, Stakeholders Say
Lack of visibility into the contract and availability status of the fleet is causing “inefficiencies” in CAISO’s capacity procurement mechanism process, staff and stakeholders said. 
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: March 13, 2024
ISO-NE presented the NEPOOL Markets Committee with additional results of the impact analysis for the RTO’s resource capacity accreditation project, which looked at how changes to the resource mix would affect the seasonal distribution of shortfall risks.
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‘Bigger Stuff’ is Coming for SPP’s REAL Team
SPP’s Resource and Energy Leadership Team marked the one-year anniversary of its formation with yet another discussion of resource adequacy issues and the various metrics used to determine a reliability standard.
CAISO Discusses Year-ahead Requirements for RA Program

CAISO staff and stakeholders again dove into the details of the ISO’s resource adequacy construct, including potentially creating year-ahead requirements and refining the existing capacity procurement mechanism.

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‘Therapy Session’: SPP REAL Team Reviews Draft LOLE Study
SPP REAL Team members conducted a “therapy session” in forming a consensus position around its schedule and priorities for 2024.
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SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: July 10-11, 2023

SPP stakeholders endorsed a tariff revision request that adds a winter resource adequacy requirement for load-responsible entities bound by the grid operator’s recent planning reserve margin increase.

SPP MOPC Briefs: April 10-11, 2023
SPP staff and stakeholders spent much of last week’s virtual Markets and Operations Policy Committee meeting discussing resource adequacy.
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FERC Approves PJM Quadrennial Review
FERC accepted revisions to PJM’s tariff that the RTO proposed via its Quadrennial Review of the parameters underlying its Reliability Pricing Model auctions.

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