June 17, 2024


The Supreme Court of Texas
Texas Supremes Hear Arguments Over Uri’s Prices
The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether the Public Utility Commission had the authority to order electric prices be set at $9,000/MWh during the 2021 winter storm.
Texas PUC Appeals Court’s Decision on Uri Transactions
The Texas PUC has asked the state’s Texas Supreme Court to overturn a recent appeals court ruling that could unwind market transactions during Winter Storm Uri.
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Texas Court Reverses PUC’s Uri Market Orders
A Texas appeals court reversed PUC orders to keep ERCOT wholesale prices at the $9,000/MWh cap during the deadly February 2021 winter storm.
ERCOT Blame Share: Weather (54%); Equipment (14%), Gas (12%)
ERCOT said “weather-related” issues accounted for most of February’s widespread and lengthy outages in Texas, according to a report it filed with the PUC.
Vistra to Shut down Another Texas Coal Plant
Vistra said it would retire the Coleto Creek plant no later than 2027 because it would be too expensive to comply with latest EPA rules.
First Shoe to Drop? Vistra to Retire 3 Texas Coal Units
Vistra Energy announced plans to retire its coal-fired Monticello plant's three units in January, citing low prices in ERCOT.
Report: Vistra Energy Suggests Takeover of Dynegy
Vistra Energy has approached Dynegy regarding a potential takeover that would create the nation’s largest independent power producer.
Texas PUC Expresses Doubts over NextEra-Oncor Deal
The NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE) bid to acquire Oncor may have to navigate some choppy waters with the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT).
ERCOT Finds No Alternatives to Greens Bayou; RMR Rule Changes Advance
ERCOT will continue its reliability must-run agreement with NRG Energy’s Greens Bayou Unit 5 after a solicitation produced no viable alternatives.
Bankruptcy Court Approves EFH Emergence from Chapter 11
The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has approved a reorganization plan that will take the Energy Future Holdings competitive businesses out of Chapter 11.

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