June 21, 2024

Manual 39

Lindsey Systems
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Aug. 11, 2022
PJM's Operating Committee heard proposals on improving the dispatch of renewables, changes to max emergency status and a new cold weather advisory.
PJM MRC Briefs: July 25, 2019
Interim PJM CEO Susan J. Riley urged the Markets and Reliability Committee to move forward on “badly needed” credit policy reforms.
PJM MRC Preview: July 25, 2019
A summary of the issues scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability Committee on Thursday, July 25, 2019.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: July 9, 2019
The PJM Operating Committee delayed voting on changes related to how the RTO manages non-retail behind-the-meter generation.

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