May 22, 2024

market efficiency project (MEP)

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MISO Puts 2 Tx Planning Improvement Suggestions on Hold
MISO said it will salvage two to-do items from its effort a few years ago to better link up interconnection trends with annual transmission planning.
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FERC Rejects Last-ditch Effort to Save Tx Project
MISO can officially abandon the only competitive transmission project it has ever assigned to its South region, FERC ruled last week.
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Initial MTEP 23 Ignites Familiar Arguments over MISO South’s Reliability Spending
MISO’s preliminary MTEP 23 is set to double spending, driven by a record number of baseline reliability projects in MISO South.
MISO Cancels Hartburg-Sabine Competitive Project
A MISO staff planning committee has determined that the $130 million, 500-kV Hartburg-Sabine Junction project in East Texas is no longer necessary.
SREA Criticizes Lack of MISO South Planning in FERC Tx Proceeding
SREA said while MISO may have a robust transmission planning process, FERC should know that the RTO’s South region does not share in it.
MISO on Verge of Cancelling Hartburg-Sabine Tx Project
MISO’s Hartburg-Sabine transmission project appears dead in the water because of new generation that entered the picture and evaporated the line’s benefits.
MISO Study to Decide Fate of Texas Competitive Project
MISO is forming the planning analyses that will decide the fate of the contentious Hartburg-Sabine Junction project, but some stakeholders have concerns.
MISO Reassessing Hartburg-Sabine Project amid Texas ROFR Dispute
MISO announced it will reanalyze the controversial Hartburg-Sabine Junction transmission project in East Texas for a fresh look at its effectiveness.
MISO Members Revive Debate over ‘Postage Stamp’ Cost Allocation
The postage-stamp cost allocation method for long-term transmission projects might be coming back in vogue in MISO.
PJM MRC Briefs: May 26, 2021
PJM stakeholders endorsed a proposal to allow transmission facilities avoid being designated as critical infrastructure under NERC standard CIP-014.

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