April 16, 2024

Markets Committee of the MISO Board of Directors

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MISO Expecting Quiet Winter
MISO leadership predicted adequate supply paired with a temperate winter at the final Board Week of the year.
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MISO: Could Have Employed Wait-and-see Approach for August Emergency
MISO officials said they probably could have held off their decision to call a summertime emergency in late August.
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IMM: Faulty Assumption in MISO’s Seasonal Auction Design
Months before MISO debuts a seasonal capacity auction, its IMM said he has uncovered a faulty assumption behind the seasonal capacity requirements.
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MISO Executives Spotlight Fleet Evolution Planning, Risks
MISO Board Week focused on the industry shift underway as the RTO plans to get more transmission lines strung to bring record amounts of new capacity online.
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MISO Board Meets Amid RA Concerns, Emergency Alerts
MISO’s board of directors gathering covered concern over slipping capacity reserves as heat blistered the footprint and forced emergency preparations.

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