June 24, 2024

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Good COP, Bad COP: Thoughts from the Edge of COP28
In a Reporter’s Notebook, NetZero Insider correspondent Dej Knuckey shares how COP28 left her with feelings of hope and despair.
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COP28: The World Can’t Afford an ‘Orderly’ Energy Transition
Mistakes along the way are essential as the world attempts to solve the complex and broken ecosystem that caused climate change, world leaders said in a COP28 panel discussion.
The Economist
Counterflow: How Many Deaths?
It’s high time we consider how many deaths would result from higher residential energy prices due to the energy transition, says columnist Steve Huntoon.
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EPSA Panel Debates How to Minimize Consumer Pushback as Bills Climb
Panelists at EPSA's Competitive Power Summit warned that the clean energy transition could be slowed by consumers if monthly energy bills continue to rise.
Madison Gas and Electric
MISO Concludes Turbulent 2022, Commences Busy 2023
MISO made several maneuvers in 2022 to position itself for a majority-renewable portfolio while attempting to take the sting out of a rising capacity deficit.
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
New Jersey to Expand Wind Port with Land Purchase
The NJ EDA approved the $24.25 million purchase of 109.5 acres of land to nearly double the size of the state’s planned offshore wind manufacturing facility.
Dcoetzee, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Report Examines Initial Wash. Cap-and-trade Prices
Initial prices for Washington cap-and-trade emissions allowances will depend on whether the state joins the Western Climate Initiative, according to new analysis.
Solar Landscape
New Jersey Requires Warehouses to Be Solar-ready
The narrowly re-elected governor sends a strong signal that he will continue to promote ambitious climate and clean energy policies.
Global Hydrogen Conference Reveals Plans to Ship Sunshine
The race to make hydrogen the world's transportation and industrial fuel in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is well underway.
Solidia Technologies
New Jersey Lawmakers Back Low-carbon Concrete
New Jersey legislators passed a bill requiring builders to offer low-carbon concrete as an option and creating tax incentives for companies that purchase it.

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