December 7, 2023

Metcalf substation

SERC Stresses Advantages of Design Basis Threat Process
SERC Reliability’s senior security adviser recounted his entry into the grid security field and offered his views on how to identify the greatest threats.
FERC: We’ll Have Last Say on Sabotage Rules
FERC tentatively approved a rule to protect the grid against sabotage threats after ordering changes to allow the commission to overrule transmission operators’ definition of “critical” facilities.
Report: Sabotage Threat Uncertainty Could Lead to Wasteful Spending
Uncertainty over the grid’s vulnerability to sabotage could lead to wasteful and excessive spending, a new congressional report warns.
IG Faults FERC on Leaked Sabotage Report
FERC lacks proper controls for handling classified national security information, the Department of Energy’s Inspector General said.
FERC Criticism of Ex-Chair Mounts
Former FERC Chariman Jon Wellinghoff is coming under fire from some of his old colleagues for comments he has made to the media regarding grid safety.
FERC, NERC: Don’t Overreact to Sabotage Threat
FERC and NERC cautioned against overreacting to last year's substation sabotage, with two FERC commissioners taking a swipe at a former colleague who has been sounding the alarm.

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