June 24, 2024

Mid-America Regulatory Conference (MARC)

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MARC 2024 Displays Mixed Feelings on Transition Feasibility
The 2024 Mid-America Regulatory Conference showcased a tug-of-war of positivity and cynicism over meeting growing demand with a fleet that should evolve faster to meet clean energy goals.
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Overheard at MARC 2023: Equity and the Energy Transition
The annual MidAmerica Regulatory Conference concentrated on how to deliver the clean energy conversion equitably.
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MARC 2023 Touches on Order 2023, Interconnection Troubles
This year’s Mid-America Regulatory Conference took notice of FERC’s recent set of interconnection rule changes.
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Overheard at MARC Annual Meeting 2022
Mid-America Regulatory Conference’s annual meeting tackled climate justice, workforce diversity, Order 2222 and the ongoing solar panel investigation.
Experts Advise Respect to Counter Project Opposition
Respect is the key to tempering landowner and community pushback on energy infrastructure projects, six industry experts told MARC.
MARC Panel: Cybersecurity Takes Training, Sharing
Utilities must train their employees and become less wary of sharing information with other companies, cybersecurity experts told MARC in Des Moines.
MISO-SPP Interregional Process Scrutinized at MARC
MISO and SPP are making earnest efforts to coordinate transmission development along their shared seam, according to speakers at MARC.
MARC Opens with Iowa Political Flavor, Speed Round
MARC opened with a study in local Iowa flavor and a grab bag of industry opinions gleaned from a round of questions styled after political interrogations.
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Overheard at MARC: Renewables, Rates, Seams and Pilots
Interregional transmission planning challenges and the growth of renewable energy, particularly wind power were among the topics of discussion at the 2018 Mid-America Regulatory Conference.
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More Questions than Answers for FERC, RTOs on Bailout
FERC officials and RTO executives still had more questions than answers this week regarding the Department of Energy’s (DOE) plans for rescuing at risk nuclear and coal plants.

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