April 17, 2024

MidAmerican Energy

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MISO’s MSC to Debate Multiday Gas Requirements
MISO’s Market Subcommittee likely will discuss either a multiday gas purchase requirement or a multiday gas unit commitment process for use during extreme cold.
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MISO Set on March Accreditation Filing, Stakeholders Push for Slowdown
MISO said it has landed on a final design in its quest to move to a sweeping capacity accreditation that will better measure generators’ availability based on predetermined risky hours.
Iowa ROFR Law Overturned, Throwing Multiple MISO LRTP Projects into Uncertainty
An Iowa court has formally struck down the state’s right of first refusal law, driving uncertainty for $2.6 billion worth of MISO's long-range transmission projects.
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MISO Explains How August Max Gen Event Didn’t Trigger Emergency Pricing
MISO expounded on why its late August maximum generation emergency wasn’t met with prices dictated by its emergency offer floors.
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MISO Defers Unpopular Capacity Accreditation Filing, Remains Committed to Design
MISO said it will push back a contentious filing for a new, marginal approach to capacity accreditation into early next year.
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MISO Defends Fleet Predictions over Monitor’s Skepticism
Doubts continue to swirl around which version of MISO’s future fleet mix is appropriate for long-range transmission planning — the Independent Market Monitor’s or the RTO’s itself.
MISO Strengthens Resolve on Marginal Capacity Accreditation, Stakeholders Displeased
Stakeholders remain frustrated with MISO’s plan to enact a marginal capacity accreditation as staff insist that the approach will measure the true value of capacity.
Gregory County Pumped Storage Project
MISO to Evaluate System Attributes Through Year’s End
MISO will evaluate through the end of the year how it can measure and encourage six generating attributes that it says are necessary to its system operations.
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Iowa Regulators Ponder MISO Transmission Projects After ROFR Ruling
An Iowa Utilities Board member said regulators are determining how the state Supreme Court’s temporary reversal of ROFR legislation will affect incumbent TOs.
MISO Actions During December Storm Spark Debate
MISO’s December emergency declaration ignited a debate over whether the RTO should enter emergency procedures to sustain its neighbors during extreme weather.

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