September 22, 2023

Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)

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MISO Postpones Meeting for More Analysis on Entergy Expedited Substation Work
MISO announced it must conduct more analysis on three new substations proposed by Entergy for expedited treatment in the RTO’s annual planning cycle.
NIPSCO Proposes New Gas Plant; Ind. Consumer Advocate Displeased
Tensions are building between NIPSCO and the Citizen Action Coalition of Indiana over the utility's proposal to build a new natural gas peaking plant.
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MISO Promises Analyses on Long-range Tx; Stakeholders Divided on IMM Involvement
Amid the Independent Market Monitor’s denunciation of MISO’s fleet assumptions for long-term transmission plans, lead planners defended their approach to planning for 2040.
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MISO Board of Directors Briefs: Sept. 14, 2023
The MISO Board of Directors addressed adding a former Ford executive to its ranks and MISO's proposed, nearly $400 million 2024 budget.
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MISO: Could Have Employed Wait-and-see Approach for August Emergency
MISO officials said they probably could have held off their decision to call a summertime emergency in late August.
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MISO: Expect More Expensive Annual Transmission Packages
MISO’s lead planners told the Board of Directors that more expensive annual Transmission Expansion Plans will become the norm, saying MTEP 23’s $9.4 billion package is a sign of future scattershot load growth in the footprint.
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MISO: Reliability Risk Upped by 49 GW in Approved but Unbuilt Generation
MISO’s quarterly Board Week explored the reasons behind its growing number of generation projects that have the stamp of approval to connect to the system but remain unbuilt.
MTEP 23 Catapults to $9.4B; MISO Replaces South Reliability Projects
MISO's $9.4 billion 2023 Transmission Expansion Plan  makes for its largest-ever annual planning cycle and includes a substitution for two MISO South reliability projects.
ATC and ITC Midwest
Market Monitor Questions MISO Fleet Assumptions in Long-term Tx Planning
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor took his concerns to stakeholders over what he deems unrealistic fleet assumptions in MISO’s long-range transmission planning.
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FERC Blocks Solar Group’s Contest of MISO Ban on Renewable Ancillary Services
FERC ruled it’s appropriate for MISO to continue to preclude renewable resources from providing ancillary services in its markets, countering a solar trade group’s complaint.

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