December 1, 2023

minimum offer price rule (MOPR)

Deepwater Wind
ISO-NE Recommends Delaying FCA 19
A range of clean energy stakeholders outlined questions and concerns about the potential changes in ISO-NE's FCA 19.
Ohio Legislators Raise Concerns About Cost Impact of Illinois’ CEJA

Ohio lawmakers are raising concerns about how the costs from Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act will impact their state's ratepayers.

Advanced Power
FERC Denies NYISO MOPR Complaint from Gas Generators
FERC denied a request to impose a capacity price floor on subsidized resources in NYISO, reiterating its support for narrower buyer-side mitigation rules.
PJM Capacity Prices Crater
Capacity prices dropped by one-third to almost one-half in PJM’s auction for 2023/24, likely depressed by the end of the MOPR and a tougher price cap.
ISO-NE Starts its Capacity Accreditation Journey
ISO-NE is leaning toward a marginal approach to resource capacity accreditation, but there's a year of stakeholder discussions ahead.
Fletcher6, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Accepts ISO-NE’s MOPR Transition Plan
FERC reluctantly accepted ISO-NE’s plan to remove its minimum offer price rule after a two-year transition period.
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PJM MOPR Challenge May Set Legal Precedent on FERC Deadlocks
Legal challenges to the PJM MOPR do not just concern the RTO and its capacity market; they could set a precedent for how courts review tie votes at FERC.
Office of Governor Charlie Baker
Mass. Breaks from New England States on ISO-NE MOPR
Massachusetts broke from NESCOE's stance on the elimination of ISO-NE's MOPR, saying the rule should be disposed of as soon as possible, without any delay.
Sen. Ed Markey via Twitter
Mass. Democrats Take on ISO-NE over MOPR
Sen. Ed Markey has set his sights on ISO-NE, accusing the grid operator of being part of an "oil and gas conspiracy."
Fletcher6, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
ISO-NE Sends MOPR Filing to FERC, Teeing up Big Decision
FERC has a number of paths it could take with ISO-NE's filing proposing a transitioned MOPR removal.

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