June 24, 2024

Minnesota Senate (MN Senate)

Solar on Landfills Becoming Part of Minnesota’s Clean Energy Solution
Redeveloping closed landfill sites into solar energy generating facilities could be part of Minnesota's conversion to a carbon-neutral energy economy.
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Minnesota’s ‘Clean Cars’ Emissions Standards Debated, Approved
Minnesota legislators have approved an environmental budget bill that includes tougher vehicle emissions standards, but the battle is far from over.
Minnesota Budget Bill Held up over Emissions Ruling
Disagreements between the Democratic-led House and the Republican-led Senate over new car emission standards could push budget talks into a special session.
Minn. Halfway Through 20-year Quest for Net-Zero Buildings
Minnesota has passed the midway point on a 20-year journey in search of a green Xanadu: carbon-neutral buildings.
Minnesota Hits Midway Point in Zero-emission Efforts
Renewable energy became the largest source of electricity in Minnesota in 2020 at 29%, BloombergNEF reported last week.
Divided Legislature Clouds Minn. ‘Healthy Farming’ Bill
Minnesota Rep. Todd Lippert knows the state’s divided political environment could halt significant climate legislation, but he’s pushing forward anyway.

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