June 13, 2024

MISO Attachment Y

FERC OKs New MISO Retirement Process
FERC on Tuesday approved MISO's plan to replace its retirement notification process with a more general three-year generation suspension period.
FERC Seeks Details on Proposed MISO Retirement Rules
FERC has questions on MISO’s plan to transform its retirement notification process into a catch-all three-year suspension period.
MISO Planning Subcommittee Briefs: June 12, 2018
MISO is seeking stakeholder input for its conceptual study to determine how to incorporate transmission outages into its economic planning models.
Stakeholders Concerned over Tx Conflicts in MISO Retirement Plan
MISO stakeholders are concerned over the RTO’s generator retirement proposal, saying it could result in conflicts over transmission interconnection service rights.
MISO Readies Retirement Change
MISO is close to completing a plan that would give generators three years to submit a decision to retire after signaling their intention.
MISO Defers Retirement Process Changes
MISO will delay until next year its proposal to implement a more open-ended approach to its generator retirement process.
MISO Revising Plan for Easing Retirement Decisions
MISO has developed a revised approach for providing owners of financially struggling generators more flexibility.
MISO PAC Briefs: June 14, 2017
MISO plans by the end of the year to introduce Tariff changes eliminating resource suspensions in favor of a single retirement process.
MISO Planning Advisory Committee Briefs
MISO is planning to eliminate temporary suspensions of generating resources, a move the RTO says will provide resource owners more flexibility.
MISO South-to-Midwest Transfer Limit Upped for 2017/18 PRA
MISO’s South-to-Midwest transfer limit for the 2017/18 Planning Resource Auction (PRA) will be 1,500 MW, an increase of more than 600 MW.

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