June 24, 2024

MISO Energy Storage Task Force (ESTF)

MISO to Host Hybrid Projects Workshop
MISO will host an in-depth workshop this fall on how to incorporate generation projects that draw on more than one fuel source.
More Time Needed for Storage Compliance, MISO Says
MISO will ask for another year to comply with FERC Order 841, saying the intricacy and expense of incorporating storage is greater than anticipated.
New Direction for MISO’s Energy Storage Task Force
The MISO Energy Storage Task Force will get a new lease on life: as an expert advisory panel on increasingly sophisticated storage issues.
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MISO Grants Storage Task Force More Authority
The MISO Steering Committee approved an expanded role for the Energy Storage Task Force, provided it doesn’t impede discussions in other stakeholder forums.
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MISO Energy Storage Group Seeks Expanded Role
The MISO Energy Storage Task Force is making a bid to broaden its role by seeking the authority to evaluate storage issues in addition to identifying them.
MISO Reliability Group Examines Order 841 Impacts
The extensive FERC energy storage order (Order 841) has handed the MISO Reliability Subcommittee a new set of to-dos.
MISO Storage Group Begins Order 845 Consideration
MISO’s Energy Storage Task Force will now add to its to-do list storage-related aspects of the recently issued FERC Order 845.
MISO Storage Ambitions Look Beyond Order 841
MISO says it will likely go above and beyond complying with FERC Order 841, as it expands its market rules for energy storage after its initial filing.
Committee Ponders Expanded Role for MISO Storage Group
The MISO Steering Committee said it needs more time to decide whether the Energy Storage Task Force can deliberate on how to comply with FERC Order 841.
MISO Storage Task Force Talks Order 841
MISO’s Energy Storage Task Force has been left wondering if it will help shape the RTO’s response to FERC’s sweeping storage participation order.

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