April 16, 2024

MISO Informational Forum

Consultant Tells MISO Microcities are Wave of the Future
If one business consultant’s vision proves correct, MISO stakeholders learned, future neighborhoods will be self-contained developments with their own power sources.
MISO Sails Through December
MISO navigated this December with just one severe weather alert in its South region, with load down slightly from a year ago.
MISO September and October dispatched fuel mix
October Poses Little Challenge for MISO
MISO successfully managed an uneventful October that went from unseasonably warm to unusually chilly, the RTO reported at an Informational Forum.
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MISO Informational Forum Briefs: Jan. 23, 2018
Stakeholders will participate in a broad discussion of what constitutes resilience during MISO Board of Directors Week in late March.
Routine July for MISO
A mid-July heat wave failed to drastically alter the MISO monthly average load and energy price.
MISO Informational Forum Briefs
One item shared at the MISO Informational forum was an increase in systemwide energy prices owed mostly to an increase in natural gas prices.
Anthropologist Discusses Cultural Attitudes Toward Grid with MISO
MISO presented a different perspective at last week's Informational Forum, inviting Gretchen Bakke to talk about shifting attitudes toward the grid.
MISO Informational Forum Briefs
Energy prices hit a seven-year low last March in MISO, while the RTO's filings at FERC are also trending downward this year.

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