June 13, 2024

MISO Planning Subcommittee

Ameren Missouri
MISO May Use Inaugural Near-term Congestion Study to Plan Smaller Tx Upgrades
MISO’s exploratory study on alleviating near-term transmission congestion has led the RTO to consider adding near-term economic benefits to its existing long-term economic planning.
MISO Fostering Alternatives to MTEP Projects
MISO is seeking ways to modify its annual transmission plan and make it easier for stakeholders to suggest alternatives to TOs’ project proposals.
Renewable Groups Frustrated with MISO Study Edict
Renewable supporters were frustrated about what they perceived as MISO’s premature declaration that its planning studies are above reproach.
MISO Planning Subcommittee Briefs: Dec. 1, 2020
The MISO Planning Subcommittee urged members to prepare for its new Model Manager and reported nearly 900 active transmission projects.
MISO Winds down MTEP 20 Planning, Focuses on 2021
MISO is wrapping up its 2020 Transmission Expansion Plan and eyeing next year’s planning cycle, with more renewable energy predictions.
MISO Processing Heftiest Interconnection Queue Ever
MISO is juggling several transmission planning activities as it faces a cascade of new gigawatts in its interconnection queue.
MISO Planning Subcommittee Briefs: Feb. 11, 2020
The cost estimation guide for MISO’s 2020 transmission planning cycle will for the first time include upfront and long-term cost estimates for HVDC lines.
MISO Reviewing Renewable Dispatch Data in Models
MISO is considering updating solar and wind generation dispatch assumptions in its reliability planning models with projections rather than historical data.
MISO Planning Week Briefs: Feb. 12-13, 2019
MISO will this year draw on three sets of contributors to create its load forecast for 2020 transmission planning.
MISO Stakeholders Rally to Save Interconnection Group
MISO’s Planning Advisory Committee will vote through Oct. 26 on whether to move most of the RTO’s $3.3 billion 2018 Transmission Expansion Plan forward.

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