April 17, 2024

MISO subregional transfer limit

FERC Orders Hearing on MISO Pact for Midwest-South Tx
MISO’s plan to extend payment arrangements for market participants that use the Midwest-to-South transmission path is destined for settlement proceedings.
MISO to File Midwest-South Tx Rate Extension
MISO will file at FERC to extend a rate schedule that determines what market participants pay for using its Midwest-to-South transmission path
MISO Prolongs Terms on Midwest-South Tx Limit
The MISO stakeholder community appears to support the RTO’s plan to extend the current arrangement on Midwest and South transmission flows.
MISO, SPP Regulators Mull Seams Recommendations
MISO and SPP regulators are close to asking the RTOs for improvements to transmission operations on their seam as their market monitors wind down a study.
SPP MOPC Briefs: July 15-16, 2020
SPP stakeholders once again took a crack to resolve a weighty issue in determining how futures will be considered in the RTO’s 2021 transmission plan study.
MISO Seeks Extension on Midwest-South Tx Limit
MISO will likely extend its settlement agreement for flows on the Midwest-South subregional transmission constraint through early 2023.
Price Tag Rising for MTEP 20
The 2020 MISO Transmission Expansion Plan contains 510 proposed projects at a combined $4.06 billion, the priciest since the RTO's 2011 MVP portfolio.
MISO Exploring Emergency Pricing, Forward Market
MISO is looking into a forward market mechanism and improvements to its scarcity and emergency pricing under its resource availability and need project.
SPP Seams Steering Committee Briefs: March 12, 2020
SPP staff shared a draft congestion study with the RTO's Seams Steering Committee on the effect of MISO’s contract path to its southern footprint.
January Proves No Trouble for MISO
A mild winter across the Midwest footprint made for an easy January for MISO operators, stakeholders heard at the Reliability Subcommittee meeting.

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