November 30, 2023

MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP)

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MISO to Focus on LRTP, Congestion for MTEP 24
MISO says its 2024 Transmission Expansion Plan will look much the same as last year’s MTEP.
3 MISO Sectors Vote to Recommend MTEP 23, Majority Silent
Just three of MISO’s 11 member sectors voted to support the RTO’s $9 billion 2023 Transmission Expansion Plan.
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FERC OKs MISO Removal of Annual Reviews for Long-term Tx Projects
MISO is off the hook as far as having to conduct annual cost-benefit analyses for its major transmission projects, FERC has ruled.
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MISO Postpones Meeting for More Analysis on Entergy Expedited Substation Work
MISO announced it must conduct more analysis on three new substations proposed by Entergy for expedited treatment in the RTO’s annual planning cycle.
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MISO: Expect More Expensive Annual Transmission Packages
MISO’s lead planners told the Board of Directors that more expensive annual Transmission Expansion Plans will become the norm, saying MTEP 23’s $9.4 billion package is a sign of future scattershot load growth in the footprint.
MTEP 23 Catapults to $9.4B; MISO Replaces South Reliability Projects
MISO's $9.4 billion 2023 Transmission Expansion Plan  makes for its largest-ever annual planning cycle and includes a substitution for two MISO South reliability projects.
MISO Trims Minnesota Line Route in JTIQ Portfolio
MISO has shortened one of the 345-kV lines contained in its $2 billion Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue portfolio with SPP, which will lower costs.
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FERC Approves Incentives for NIPSCO’s MTEP Lines
FERC  approved Northern Indiana Public Service Company’s request for transmission incentives on two lines it is building under the MISO Transmission Expansion Plan.
MISO Weighs MTEP 23 Alternatives to South Reliability Projects
MISO is developing possible project alternatives for the most expensive projects proposed this year in the South region under MTEP 23.
NextEra Asks for Rehearing of Canceled Competitive Project
NextEra Energy is continuing its efforts to salvage the only competitive regional transmission project MISO has recommended in its South region.

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