December 3, 2023

MISO Zone 4

East St. Louis School District 189
DC Circuit Sides with Public Citizen over 2015 MISO Capacity Auction
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with Public Citizen that FERC hasn't explained why it continues to uphold the expensive Southern Illinois capacity price produced in MISO’s 2015/16 capacity auction.
FERC Clears MISO 2015/16 Auction Results
FERC capped a three-year-old investigation into MISO’s 2015/16 Planning Resource Auction by finding no market manipulation on Dynegy’s part.
MISO Zone 4 Players Still Divided over Resource Adequacy
MISO’s Zone 4 either has sufficient reserves or is in dire straits, depending on the viewpoint expressed at an Illinois Commerce Commission workshop.
Dynegy Auction Proposal Fails to Gain Ill. Lawmaker Support
Dynegy’s most recent bid to develop a specialized capacity market for downstate Illinois has failed to gain traction in the state’s legislature.
Dynegy: MISO LSE Load Forecasts Require Tune-up
After criticizing Ameren Illinois for miscalculating its summer peak load forecast, Dynegy called on MISO to develop a new process for verifying forecasts.
Hot Topic: MISO Stakeholders Weigh in Again on Forward Auction Proposal
The MISO forward capacity auction proposal and the broader issue of resource adequacy were the “hot topic” at last week’s Advisory Committee discussion.
Dynegy to Shutter 3 Ill. Coal Plants; Blames MISO Market Design
Dynegy said it will idle as much as 30% of the capacity in Illinois because their units can’t recover their costs from the MISO energy and capacity markets.
MISO Fields More Capacity Auction Questions
MISO continues to move forward with modifications to its capacity market even as some stakeholders question the need for the proposed auction changes.
Stakeholders React to MISO Proposed Auction Design
A MISO auction proposal to hold a separate forward capacity procurement auction for deregulated areas is meeting with skepticism from some RTO members.
MISO Proposes Adding Forward Auction for Retail Choice Zones
Deregulated markets in MISO would get a three-year forward capacity auction beginning in 2018, under a proposal unveiled by the RTO.

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