July 23, 2024


FERC Must Apply Mobile-Sierra to Western Soft Cap Refunds, Court Finds
The D.C. Circuit directed FERC to review a series of 2022 orders requiring wholesale electricity sellers in the West to refund a portion of the high prices they earned during an August 2020 heat wave.
Mortensen Wind Energy Group
FERC Denies Rehearing of Tenaska Curtailment Complaint
FERC denied Tenaska’s rehearing request over alleged curtailment of its Clear Creek Wind Farm, maintaining the company did not provide sufficient evidence.
Wabash Valley Power
DC Circuit Upholds FERC Rejection of Midwestern Co-op Contract
FERC acted reasonably in rejecting a Wabash Valley Power contract and denying it a Mobile-Sierra presumption, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
Sellers Urge FERC to Raise WECC Soft Price Cap
FERC ordered six more entities to refund the premiums they earned from sales into CAISO during the severe heat wave of August 2020.
FERC Accepts SEEM Revisions on Transparency
FERC accepted changes proposed by members of the Southeast Energy Exchange Market, intended to provide greater transparency and fairness.
SEEM Members Embrace Market Changes
Proponents of the Southeast Energy Exchange Market asked FERC to approve several changes to the new market, which was instituted last month.
SEEM Opponents File Rehearing Requests
Opponents of the recently instituted Southeast Energy Exchange Market are seeking to overturn its approval, granted last month by a deadlocked FERC.
FERC’s Christie Accuses Glick, Clements of Prejudice for RTOs
FERC Commissioner Mark Christie blasted Chair Richard Glick and Commissioner Allison Clements for opposing the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM).
FERC to Investigate Basin Electric Rates; Danly Dissents
FERC opened an investigation into the justness and reasonableness of Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s 2020 rate schedule and the wholesale power contracts.
FERC to Consider Western Energy Crisis ‘Umbrella Pricing’ Theory
FERC last week agreed to consider whether reporting deficiencies concealed market manipulation that contributed to the Western Energy Crisis of 2000-2001.

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