July 13, 2024


FERC Addresses IBRs in Multiple Orders
At its open meeting, FERC significantly advanced NERC’s remit to address the challenges posed by the growth of renewables on the bulk electric system.
Lucas Braun, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia
NERC’s SPIDER Group Warns of Modeling Difficulties for DERs
NERC’s SPIDER Working Group warns that traditional approaches to power system planning analysis may not be adequate for the spread of DERs.
NERC Standards Committee Moves Projects Forward
NERC's Standards Committee voted to move forward with five standards projects, with only two agenda items sparking any debate.
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NERC RSTC Revisits Rejected Standards Projects
NERC's Reliability and Security Technical Committee voted to endorse proposals aimed at reviving two previously cancelled standards projects.

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