July 16, 2024


PJM: Carbon Pricing the Answer to Subsidy Dispute
A PJM official urged officials to embrace carbon pricing rather than exit the capacity market in response to FERC expanding the minimum offer price rule.
FERC Extends PJM MOPR to State Subsidies
FERC voted 2-1 to extend PJM’s MOPR to all new state-subsidized resources, saying it was needed to combat price suppression in the RTO’s capacity market.
FERC Orders PJM Capacity Market Revamp
Rising state subsidies for renewable and nuclear power require PJM to revamp its MOPR to address price suppression in its capacity market, FERC ruled.
Gas Gens Ask FERC for ‘Clean MOPR’ in PJM
Three owners of gas-fired generation in PJM’s territory have filed a complaint asking FERC to direct the RTO to adopt what they’ve termed a “clean MOPR.”
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PJM Urges FERC to Act on ‘Jump Ball’ Despite Criticism
PJM is pressing FERC to make a decision on the RTO’s “jump ball” capacity filing, arguing that the commission is within its authority to do so and pointing out what it considers to be hypocrisy in opponents’ criticism of the filing.
UPDATED: PJM Capacity Proposals Widely Panned
Comments on PJM’s “jump ball” proposals for protecting the capacity market from subsidized resources were almost uniformly negative.
Powelson: ‘Erosion of Confidence’ in Stakeholder Process
FERC Commissioner Robert Powelson said that he sees an “erosion of confidence” in RTO stakeholder processes.
PJM Board Punts Capacity Market Proposals to FERC
PJM will ask FERC to choose between capacity market proposals by its staff and its Market Monitor (MOPR-Ex) to insulate its market from state subsidized generation.
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PJM Markets Still Unsettled
PJM has a lot on its plate for 2018, including an ongoing effort to change its capacity market structure, the DOE NOPR and gas-electric coordination.
MOPR-Ex Faces Uphill Battle as PJM Declines Recommendation
PJM’s long-awaited capacity construct redesign will have to wait at least another month for endorsement by the Markets and Reliability Committee.

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