April 16, 2024

Morgan Stanley

Companies Dispute FERC Ruling on Crisis Contracts
Iberdrola struck back at a FERC judge’s ruling on their energy crisis supply contract that could subject the company to more than $370 million in penalties.
FERC Rejects Complaints over MISO South Through-and-Out Tx Rules
FERC rejected two complaints alleging that MISO overcharged for through-and-out transmission on the MISO South system.
FERC Pick a Blank Slate
The coal industry lobby that sank Ron Binz’ FERC nomination will have a much harder time pinning the “war on coal” label on President Obama’s new choice, Norman Bay. But that doesn’t necessarily mean clear sailing.
Analysis – JP Morgan Settlement: A Verdict on Electric Markets?
Are RTO market rules too clumsy and complicated to prevent gaming and protect consumers? An analysis of the JP Morgan settlement for clues.

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