June 17, 2024


Modeling Hitches Delay MISO Long-range Tx Work
MISO said it will pause its long-range transmission modeling and correct errors so it has the clearest picture of future grid performance.
MISO Prepares Members for Pricey Transmission Expansion
MISO executives last week said an evolving energy industry heralds big spending on transmission projects in the RTO’s footprint.
MISO Planning Subcommittee Briefs: Dec. 1, 2020
The MISO Planning Subcommittee urged members to prepare for its new Model Manager and reported nearly 900 active transmission projects.
MTEP 20 Passes 1st Board Endorsement
A MISO board committee unanimously voted to send the $4 billion MTEP 2020 to the full board for a vote in December.
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MISO Outlines Early Long-term Tx Plan Details
MISO released details on its long-term transmission plan, intended to adapt its grid to a rapidly evolving generation portfolio.
MISO Winds down MTEP 20 Planning, Focuses on 2021
MISO is wrapping up its 2020 Transmission Expansion Plan and eyeing next year’s planning cycle, with more renewable energy predictions.
MISO Planning Advisory Comm. Briefs: Sept. 23, 2020
MISO members have recommended that the RTO’s 2020 Transmission Expansion Plan proceed to final approval in December.
MISO in Final Stretch of $4B MTEP 20
MISO is putting the final touches on its most expensive annual transmission investment package after a final round of planning meetings.
MISO Processing Heftiest Interconnection Queue Ever
MISO is juggling several transmission planning activities as it faces a cascade of new gigawatts in its interconnection queue.
MISO Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: June 24, 2020
MISO temporarily backed off requiring load-serving entities to provide the location and capacity values of distributed energy resources for planning models.

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