April 17, 2024


MISO Updates Stakeholders on $10B Long-range Tx Package
MISO's sprawling, long-range transmission portfolio now stands at $10.4 billion.
MISO Wraps Annual Transmission Package
MISO's Board Week touched on its 2021 Transmission Expansion Plan, long-range transmission portfolio and a joint study with SPP intended to build transmission.
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MISO Tx Expansion Plans Proceeds to Board Vote
MISO's 339-project, $3.04 billion MTEP 21 is headed for approvals from the MISO Board of Directors. 
MISO Targets March Approval for Long-term Tx Projects
MISO acknowledged this week that a December approval for its first long-range transmission projects is out of reach and must wait until early spring.
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MISO Leadership Says Transmission Expansion, Market Redefinition ‘not Optional’
MISO execs say long-term transmission and a capacity market redesign are a must in response to rising climate risks and fleet change.
MISO Annual Tx Investment Falls in 2021
MISO's annual transmission spending is set to fall after two years of robust investment. 
MISO Reveals Contentious Long-range Tx Project Map
MISO unveiled a first look at possible long-range transmission projects, igniting testy exchanges between stakeholders over the necessity of grid expansion.
MISO Fostering Alternatives to MTEP Projects
MISO is seeking ways to modify its annual transmission plan and make it easier for stakeholders to suggest alternatives to TOs’ project proposals.
MISO Annual Transmission Spending Tracks Downward in 2021
The cost of MISO’s 2021 Transmission Expansion Plan is set to ring in substantially below last year’s spending level, the RTO said at a planning meeting.
MISO Rules out Special MTEP 21 Studies
MISO is sticking with its usual slate of transmission planning studies for 2021, opting not to include specially targeted analyses in MTEP 21

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