June 14, 2024

Multi-Value Project (MVP)

FERC Approves Transmission Incentives for MVP Line
FERC approved transmission incentives for a MISO multivalue project, though Commissioner Mark Christie continues to call for a general review of transmission incentives.
ATC and ITC Midwest
Wisconsin Tx Project Clears State Litigation
Cardinal Hickory Creek transmission project overcame another legal hurdle: a Wisconsin county judge found that regulators adequately scrutinized the project.
Great River Energy
FERC Approves Incentives for Great River Energy’s MVP Lines
FERC approved Great River Energy’s request for transmission rate incentives for two MISO Multi-Value Projects it is working on.
Xcel Energy
FERC Upholds MISO’s Cost Allocation for LRTPs
FERC continues to sanction MISO’s separate-but-equal postage stamp rate that is divided between its Midwest and South regions for major transmission buildout.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Wisconsin Court Undercuts Lawsuit in Cardinal-Hickory Creek Dispute
Wisconsin's high court ruled that a regulator’s messages to developers didn't pose a serious risk of bias in the Cardinal-Hickory Creek permitting process.
Jay Caspary
Ratepayers Protest FERC Retreat on Transmission Competition
Industrial energy users and other ratepayers are balking at FERC’s proposal to abandon Order 1000’s competition measures.
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FERC OKs MISO’s Bifurcated Cost-allocation Tx Design
FERC has allowed MISO to use a separate-but-equal postage stamp rate divided between MISO Midwest and MISO South for some of its major transmission buildout.
MISO Promises Long-range Tx Project Reveal Soon
MISO is about to propose its 1st cycle of projects under its long-range transmission plan, signaling that a massive multi-state transmission line shows promise.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Federal Judge: Tx Line Can’t Cross Wildlife Refuge
A federal judge has blocked construction of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line in a protected southwestern Wisconsin area.
Driftless Area Land Conservancy
Conservation Groups Win Injunction vs. Cardinal-Hickory Creek
The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission project slated to cut through southwestern Wisconsin has been put on hold.

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