December 8, 2023

Mystic Generating Station

ISO-NE Says Region Has Enough Resources for Upcoming Winter
ISO-NE forecasts peak demand of 20,269 MW under average weather conditions, and a 21,032-MW peak under below-average temperatures.
Constellation Energy
FERC, NERC Leaders Voice Concern About Loss of Everett Marine Terminal
FERC Chair Willie Phillips and NERC CEO James Robb wrote in joint comments that they have "serious concerns" about Everett's retirement.
FERC Rules Against Additional Mystic Agreement Disclosures
FERC reversed its previous determination that “all interested parties can review and challenge Mystic’s revenue credits and tank congestion charges” in the annual true-up process.
NE Stakeholders Debate Future of Everett at FERC Winter Gas-Elec Forum
FERC stakeholders debated winter reliability challenges in the Northeast, including the potential loss of the Everett LNG import terminal.
Public Power Groups Seek Information on Mystic Agreement
New England utilities have sought information on the agreement between ISO-NE and the Mystic power plant in Massachusetts.
NEPOOL PC Briefs: May 4, 2023
ISO-NE gave the Participants Committee a review of the past winter and a preview of the next — with and without the Everett LNG terminal.
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Winter Problems, Capacity Accreditation, New Faces on the Docket for ISO-NE in 2023
ISO-NE will start 2023 like it starts every year: worrying about the winter weather.
Mystic Cost Worries Highlight NEPOOL PC Meeting
A group of New England suppliers is raising worries about the costs of the cost-of-service agreement between ISO-NE and the Mystic Generating Station.
Constellation Energy
Narrow Set of Options for Retaining Everett LNG Terminal
The fate of the LNG import terminal in Everett, Mass., has come into increasingly sharp focus in the last few months.
ISO-NE: Reliability Still Depends on Mass. LNG Import Terminal
ISO-NE warns that the region’s near-term grid reliability depends on its access to LNG — and that access in turn relies on a single facility outside Boston.

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