June 15, 2024

NARUC Summer Policy Summit

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Overheard at NARUC Summer Policy Summit 2023
NARUC's annual Summer Policy Summit attracted more than 1,000 attendees for discussions on understanding and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.
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‘Clean Molecules’ Critical to Decarbonization, Panelists Say
Hydrogen will be as important as electrification in achieving a cost-effective clean energy mix, NARUC panelists said.
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Could the US See a ‘Nuclear Renaissance’?
Pro-nuclear panelists at NARUC's Summer Policy Summit said small, advanced reactors are needed to offset the increase in weather-dependent renewables.
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Microgrids Face Cost, Valuation Challenges
“Public purpose” microgrids are struggling because of high costs and the lack of a widely accepted resilience metric, speakers told NARUC.
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Overheard at NARUC Summer Policy Summit 2021
More than 600 people attended the NARUC Summer Policy Summit in person and hundreds more watched via livestream.
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NARUC Panel: EE Needs New Metrics to Help Reach Net-zero Goals
State regulators must change their thinking about the value of energy efficiency to meet net-zero goals, speakers told the NARUC Summer Policy Summit.
Protecting Grid Data Vital in Age of DERs, Regulators Warn
Panelists at NARUC's policy summit discussed how to gather enough data to keep distributed energy resources running while respecting customers' privacy.
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NARUC, NRRI Produce RA Primer for Commissioners
NARUC and NRRI introduced a document intended to help regulatory commissioners get up to speed on pressing topics related to resource adequacy.
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NARUC: Crisis Response Needs Cross-industry Collaboration
Utilities and their regulators are becoming more comfortable with direct cooperation in response to disasters, panelists told NARUC's Summer Policy Summit.
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Glick Works to Strengthen Relationship with NARUC
FERC Chair Richard Glick is seeking ‘peace, love and understanding’ with state regulators as work on easing transmission issues begins.

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