April 21, 2024

National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETCs)

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FERC’s Christie: Transmission Can’t be Built Without State Support
The surest way to ensure that transmission is not expanded is to usurp states’ authority, FERC Commissioner Mark Christie said at WIRES’ Spring Member Meeting in Chicago.
Utility Regulators Repeat Concerns About Tx Siting Oversight

State utility regulators reiterated their concerns about FERC’s efforts to promote transmission development at a meeting of the task force established for that purpose.

Phillips: FERC to Issue Transmission Rule in ‘Very Near Future’
FERC Chair Willie Phillips expressed confidence that the commission will approve its NOPR on transmission planning and cost allocation this year.
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DOE Lays out Plans for Designating Transmission Corridors
DOE laid out its plans to release draft National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors this spring, which will then start a process of refinement before they are finalized over several years.
Can DOE Accelerate US Energy Transition as 2024 Election Looms?

DOE is focused on reshaping the U.S. energy landscape, but officials may have only another year to build the momentum needed to make any potential Republican rollbacks unpopular and unlikely.

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DOE Issues Final Guidelines for National Transmission Corridors
The Department of Energy released its final guidelines for the designation of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors, which are narrowly defined areas where transmission is urgently needed to ensure reliability and affordability and advance “important national interests.”
NRDC Lays out Responsible Tx Expansion Recommendations

The U.S. must double the number of transmission projects permitted and built each year to meet its clean energy potential, according to the NRDC.

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MISO Members Approach Revised NIETCs with Hope, Caution
MISO members were hopeful over the Department of Energy’s plan to designate National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors to expedite expansion.
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What are National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors and Why Do We Need Them?
A primer on DOE's proposal for creating National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors.
Department of Energy Draft Needs Study
States, RTOs Caution DOE on Transmission Corridors
States, RTOs and others warned DOE not to let transmission developers dominate the development of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors.

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