July 15, 2024

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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Offshore Wind Leaders Project Confidence amid Election Year Uncertainty
Offshore wind executives and government officials expressed tentative optimism at an offshore wind conference about the industry’s rebound from last year’s spate of contract cancellations.
DOE Tackles Charging Challenges to Get More EVs on the Road
DOE initiatives aimed at expanding EV charging networks have become more urgent as the November election looms and growth in EV sales has slowed.
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WCPSC Panelists: Forecasting Changes Needed to Address Uncertainty
“Uncertainty” was a recurring theme at the annual meeting of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners.
Hurricane Threat to OSW Turbines Quantified
Two new reports examine storms and other obstacles facing offshore wind development in the Gulf of Mexico. 
Counterflow: Offshore Wind Backbone Transmission
DOE released a study of offshore wind transmission. In no way does this study establish, or even claim, that offshore wind makes economic sense, according to Steve Huntoon.
DOE Study Adds to Case for Interregional Offshore Grid
Offshore wind is projected to be a key part of East Coast states’ decarbonization and DOE called its two-year study the most thorough analysis to date.
NREL Looks at Zonal Approach to Renewable Energy
A new analysis concludes that building long-distance high-voltage transmission would save money and speed up decarbonization of the U.S power grid.
DOE, BOEM Kick off West Coast Offshore Wind Tx Planning

The DOE and BOEM launched a series of stakeholder workshops to address the specific challenges to siting transmission for the first generation of West Coast offshore wind projects.

Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda, Takao Kashiwagi
Counterflow: Hydrogen Reality

Green hydrogen electricity is a waste of money and time, says columnist Steve Huntoon.

Closed-Loop Hydro’s Climate Impact Found Less Than Batteries

A new analysis of five forms of grid-scale energy storage finds that closed-loop pumped storage hydropower has the smallest climate impact.

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